About us

We were born in 2009 with the vocation of offering completely personalized and high-level advice on public communication and institutional relations.

The result is tangible: a hundred satisfied clients can give positive references.

About us

We understand the origin and developments of public opinion, which are the basis of our work.

We serve public and private institutions, large and small companies, governments and parties, economic and social leaders, in Europe and Latin America.

About us

We do not show off our customers without their permission. That’s why we don’t display impressive listings of brands.

We never leave a request without responding in a maximum of two hours. We are at any time, any day. What we cannot do with the highest quality, we request it from other specialists.


Improve the reputation of my organization


We will analyze  public perceptions about you, help you to better define your narrative and design the most effective strategy and tactics so that it reaches all your stakeholders.  This  often requieres strengthening relationships with the media and opinion leaders, penetrating social networks or generating positive information in the right places.

Train leaders in public speaking, media relations or crisis management


Our courses are the most intensive and practical training in public speaking and rhetoric, in crisis communication and media training.

We have trained hundreds of leaders, including prime ministers, candidates, presidents of large companies and institutions.

  • Public speaking
    To prepare and offer speeches we use real client materials and also examples from the movies. We use the stage teleprompter as a didactic tool that exponentially increases the effectiveness of the training.
  • Media training
    We explain with real examples and in an exclusively practical way how to intervene in the media: in interviews, statements, debates or press conferences. We reveal the secrets to maintain message discipline, even in the most hostile conditions.
  • Crisis communication
    We have prepared policeofficers, health professionals, members of the military, prosecutors and judges, companies in such sensitive sectors as energy, transportation or health, governments, and public and private organizations such as unions or NGOs, in the rapid response to a crisis situation.

Resolve a crisis situation

We accompany our client when it is under pressure from the media or confronting a possible legislative or executive decision. We make the most appropriate decisions with its team based on real time context and considering different scenarios and contingencies.


Better communicate from a government or from the opposition


We design public service and awareness campaigns to bring administrations and their public policies closer to citizens.

Face an election campaign

We give support to parties and candidates in the definition of their story and their staging, in a comprehensive and continuous way. We also managing campaigns for private organizations.


Influence the administration in favor of my interests


We know very well how Public Administration works in Europe and in Latin America. That is why we know how to relate to it in the legitimate defense of corporate interests. We supervise the state of the relevant issues for our client and accompany him in the best relations with the legislator, with key audiences and with political and administrative decision makers.

Communicate in the field of culture, architecture and urban planning

Since 2016, Ariadna Cantís leads the work in the area of ​​Culture, with high specialization in architecture, urban planning and new forms of creativity with an impact on citizenship.


Luis Arroyo


He is one of the most veteran and respected Communication consultants. He has worked for the Government of Spain in various senior positions, and has advised as an independent consultant dozens of governments, organizations, leaders and companies around the world. Luis is a sociologist, honorary professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, a guest professor at a dozen Spanish and international universities, a World Bank consultant and author of several communication books, including El poder político en escena: historia, estrategias y liturgias de la comunicación política.

Oscar Santamaría


He specializes in the design of public positioning campaigns, influence and crisis communication. For eleven years he worked as a journalist, six of them as a correspondent in New York. Bachelor of Information Science from the Complutense University of Madrid, with studies in Law and Master in Political and Institutional Communication from the Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute, Oscar has taught at a dozen universities in Spain and Latin America. He has worked as an external consultant for the World Bank and in electoral campaigns on both sides of the Atlantic.

Paco Fernández

Senior consultant

He has a solid experience as a journalist specialized in stock markets, business and financial information, and as head of communications in positions of maximum responsibility in cabinets and departments of institutional communication in the Government of Spain. Paco holds a Degree in Economics and Journalism from the Carlos III University of Madrid, and has extensive knowledge in team management, communication strategy planning and in the field of relations with media and institutions.

Ariadna Cantis

External collaborator

She is an Architect and expert in architecture and urban planning communication. Since 2016, she is the communication director of the Official College of Architects of Madrid. She has been an advisor to the Ministry of Housing, coordinating the exhibition program of the Archeries of the New Ministries and the national and international roaming of exhibitions. She has participated in the Madrid Centro Strategic Project as an expert in Culture and Communication. Curator of Mataderolab, Transforming Madrid, Performing Architecture, Freshmadrid and Freshlatino. Ariadna has participated in numerous exhibitions, conferences and seminars around the world.